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We are a seasoned manufacturing entity, with years of dedication in product innovation, committed to furnishing our clientele with products of impeccable quality and assured safety.

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Lightning Protecitors

Power Surge Protector

Photovoltaic Protection

Lightning Rod & Lightning Counter

Data Line & Telecom Protection

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Reliable B2B Lightning Protector Manufacturer

OEM/ ODM expert

✔      Customization:Adapt products to specific needs.

✔     Cost Efficiency: Save by outsourcing to specialists.

✔     Time Savings: Faster development using ODM designs.

✔     Quality Assurance: Consistent, top-tier products.

✔     Expertise & Experience: Benefit from industry expertise.

✔     Reduced R&D Risk: Utilize existing ODM designs.

✔     Flexibility: Order based on market demand.

✔     Brand Building: Focus on branding while manufacturing is handled.

✔     Latest Technology: Access advanced production techniques.

✔     Streamlined Supply Chain: Ensure timely delivery and quality.

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BULK ORDER for Wholesaler/ Distributors

Get Quick look to the process

  1. Inquiry: Client provides product requirements.
  2. Quotation: Manufacturer offers pricing and lead times.
  3. Sample: Manufacturer sends product samples if requested.
  4. Negotiation: Terms and conditions are discussed.
  5. Order Confirmation: Client places the order; manufacturer confirms.
  6. Production: Manufacturer produces the ordered items.
  7. Quality Check: Products undergo a quality assurance process.
  8. Delivery: Products are shipped to the client.
  9. Payment: Client pays as per the agreed terms.
  10. After-sales: Manufacturer offers post-purchase support.

Why Choose Elecweyn Electric?

What our clients say ?

James Thompson, Facilities Manager, United Kingdom

After integrating the lightning protection electrical products from Elecweyn, we've noticed a significant improvement in our electrical safety. The build quality and reliability of the products are top-notch. We haven't faced any issues since installation, and the peace of mind it offers is invaluable...

Maria Gonzales, Operations Director, Mexico

We've tried various lightning protection systems in the past, but none have matched the efficiency and durability of the products we purchased from Elecweyn. Their customer support team was also very helpful in guiding us through the selection process, ensuring we chose the right products for our needs...

Raj Patel, Site Supervisor, India

Our facility is in an area prone to electrical storms, so having a dependable lightning protection system is crucial. The products from Elecweyn have been a game-changer for us. They were easy to install, and we've seen a noticeable decrease in electrical disturbances since their implementation. Highly recommended...

Maximizing Your Benefits with Us

✔     Rigorous Raw Material Inspection

✔     Comprehensive Testing

✔     Adherence to International Standards

✔     Certifications Galore

    • ISO 9001: For our consistent quality management processes.
    • CE Certification: Signifying our products meet the European safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.
    • RoHS Compliant: Our commitment to producing environmentally friendly and safe products.
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