OBV5-D10 Series

OBV5-D10 represents a series of devices designed to mitigate induced transient overvoltages (Type 3 / Class III) in compliance with EN/IEC 61643-11 standards. These devices come in a DIN rail plug-in format and possess the capability to dissipate induced voltage surges (8/20 µs) for finely-tuned protection of sensitive equipment (1.2/50 µs). They should be installed downstream of type 2 protection.

  • They are suitable as the ultimate layer of protection in panels with Type 2 protection devices already installed upstream. The residual voltage remaining downstream is lower compared to Type 1 or 2 protection. Install them as close as possible to the equipment you wish to protect.
  • These devices can discharge with an 8/20 µs waveform. Max discharge current (I max) is 10 kA.
  • They are exclusive devices for TNS, TNC, TT and IT earthing systems.
  • These devices are also compatible with Power Line Communication networks.
  • They feature a biconnect design, offering two types of terminals for both rigid and flexible cables, as well as fork-type comb busbars.
  • An optional remote signaling feature is available.

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