OBVX2,0BVX3 series

OBVX series CCTV Surge Protector with Power Port is a single-channel, in-line, multi-stage coaxial video surge protector designed for analog cameras or head-end applications. It complies with IEC 61643-21 standards.

These surge protectors are ideal for safeguarding coaxial lines used in TV and CCTV systems, which are particularly susceptible to induced transient overvoltages (surges) associated with meteorological activity. They are compatible with BNC and RJ45 connectors, offering a discharge capacity with an 8/20 µs waveform of 10 kA.

Model and Meaning:

  • OBVX-3-BNC (Video/ Power/ Data)
  • OBVX-2-RJ45 (Video/ Power)
  • OBVX-2-BNC (Video/ Power)

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